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Welcome To Prasang


Reflecting on this journey of two decades, what comes to our mind are the opportunities given to us. It has been our honor to stand there managing the most important days of your lives.

To our clients: We would like to thank you for your faith in us and trusting in our abilities to achieve your dreams and vision. Many of you have now become an integral part of our team prasang.

To our team members: To be in this industry for such a long period, having incredible people is a blessing. We are so grateful for all your support and effort put in making each event count.

To our partners: All this wouldn’t have been possible without your support and expertise. Our collaboration with you has turned into a magnificent partnership and we can’t thank you enough!

Thank you for these memorable 20 years of warmth, friendship and support. We couldn’t have done it without you, nor can we imagine taking next steps without your help. We want to keep delivering incredible work that makes a positive and sustainable impact on you.

Thank you for all your unwavering commitment and faith in us! We sincerely hope to celebrate all your coming chapters together.

-Team Prasang